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Happy Summer!  I love when past brides refer us to newly engaged brides.  We helped Emily and Donald plan their elegant and classy wedding 8 years ago.  Now, Donald’s sister is getting married!  We get to assist her on her big day as well! Life is good! We welcome Alicia and Rick to the TreBella Events family. :o) They will be celebrating their nuptials in the fall – October 21 , 2017  at St. John’s Catholic Church and Olde Breton Inn located in Leonardtown, MD.  We are super excited to be assisting them with fabulous decor for their big day.  Alicia and Rick are a super sweet couple.  We can’t wait to work with them to make their day special and beautiful. {Photos by: Starella Photography}

::How they met::

Rick and Alicia met after two friends, Caroline and Natalie, got together with Alicia one afternoon in August 2015 to eat some Maryland Blue Crabs. Natalie and Rick worked together at Dahlgren for years and Caroline was friends with Alicia from working with her at PAX. Caroline, Natalie and Rick were now all working together in the same department. During the crab feast, Rick came up in conversation after Alicia mentioned looking to friends for help finding that special someone. Natalie said that Rick was single but Caroline had thought Rick was already married. Apparently Rick acts more like someone who is stable and married than single. The conversation moved to plotting a triple-date with all of us at Outback Steakhouse in LaPlata so that Alicia and Rick could meet the following Friday. Rick arrived early like he does for most everything and that is when he saw the beautiful Alicia walking across the parking lot. During dinner, the conversation was mainly work related which was expected since we all did similar work and could relate to one another. Rick discovered Alicia had a busy fall ahead with a mission trip to Belize and a Caribbean cruise with another girlfriend from work. In the end, Rick was not sure if they had hit it off so Rick said he would reach out to Alicia through work e-mail! Rick did not want to ask for Alicia’s phone number and have her feel obligated to give it to him with our friends around.

During the week, Rick and Alicia used Facebook Messenger for communication and to coordinate their first solo date for that following Friday. The day before, Rick sent Alicia a message with his cell phone number in case there were any emergencies or need to change plans. Alicia turned around and texted Rick (without identifying who was sending the message) and told him that was a good trick never officially asking a girl for her number! To this day, she still teases him about it. The first solo date, which consisted of dinner, a walk on the Solomon’s boardwalk and a movie, was pretty picture perfect.

On that date and the several after, Rick and Alicia spent long hours talking and getting to know each other and slowly learning everything there was to know about each other.

Rick and Alicia’s love grew slowly, but surely. Alicia adds a lot of color to Rick’s life and he brings stability and calmness to Alicia’s life. During the course of the first year together, they went to several concerts, Nashville for Rick’s birthday, Harrisonburg for a B&B weekend vacation for their first anniversary and three beach vacations, two with their families, and the last one, with just the two of them in September to Nags Head. On September 8 while they were on top of the Sand Dunes, watching the sun go down Rick got down on one knee and proposed…and Alicia said YES! They look forward to spending the rest of their lives together and their next great adventures in life wherever it takes them!

We can’t wait for their big day!  Thank you Alicia and Rick for sharing your photos!



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