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Hello all,
Many brides think that the color combination of Black & White  is not fit for weddings. In some way it is boring and dull.   I beg to differ.   The Black & White color combination sets the tone for a very modern, chic, and elegant wedding event. When accented with candlelight, you are destined to have a romantic and magical wedding day. Please see photos below for inspiration.

black and white inspiration board


black and white cake1


black and white reception decor

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black and white bouquet 2black and white bouquet 1

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black and white shoes


black dress


black and white aisle


black and white invitationBlack and white feathers

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sena says on Feb 29, 2012

awww..this is beautiful!! love the combo…:)

trebellaevents says on Feb 23, 2012

Thank you Silvia! It would be breathtakingly beautiful. :o)

Silvia LaFleur says on Feb 23, 2012

Beautiful Shawn!
Thank you for posting it!
I can’t wait to design a Black and White elegant event with you.

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