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Hello everyone! So cupcakes have been the hottest trend for a while now.  You can give them as favors.  Make dessert bars full of different cupcakes.  Or even have them to replace your wedding cake.   Here is another unique idea to give as wedding favors and/or add to your delicious dessert bar -whoopie pies! This dessert is an old time favorite.  It consists of two cake-like circles stacked with cream in the middle.  What is even better is that we have a local vendor who is new on the scene and ready to make gourmet whoopie pies –  Whoopsies.  Their motto is “Why should cupcakes have all the fun?”. They offer many different flavors for the creme filling and the cake.  Whoopsies has regular flavors for purchase, but they also feature seasonal specials and “Flavors of Week”.  With the holidays upon us, this is the perfect time to try “Spiced Eggnog”.  Yummy!



Happy Shopping!


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