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Wedding Cake

Hello all,

Your cake design plays a large part in the overall look of your reception.  The wedding cake typically sits near the Bride and Groom’s table, so the it must have just as much of a “WOW” factor as your bridal table.  Years ago, cake toppers and a few flowers were the extent of a fabulous cake design.  Boy have things changed!  Yes, there are many cute cake toppers, but cakes have evolved into a work of art.  Do you agree? (more…)

Hello all,

For the past couple of years, the average number of guests attending weddings has decreased from 200 to 150.  This number is more the norm for couples who are paying for weddings themselves and managing to their budgets.  How does this translate to the wedding cake?   (more…)

Hello… One of my favorite parts of wedding planning is selecting the cake! Wedding cakes have come a long way from the traditional cake with a topper of a bride and groom.  Bakers have transformed these cakes into a work of art.  They now have texture, color, and varying shapes.  The wedding cake is now a part of the design concept for planning a wedding.  It can reflect your personality and style.  (more…)

Hello all…

Cake lollipops are a new trend in desserts for your wedding.  They are small bites of cake on a stick covered with icing or chocolate.  (more…)

Hello, hello, hello… The topic of the day is ” THE CUPCAKE”.  Cupcakes can have many uses at a wedding reception or party:

  1. Instead of a wedding cake, (more…)

Hello Everyone! I hope that you had a wonderful weekend. What beautiful weather! :o)

OK, I stumbled upon a new trend. I must admit this is not my recommendation for every bride. However, if you are a bride on a budget, this may be an option for a 4-tier adorned wedding cake that costs approximately $900. The new rave is a fake wedding cake. (more…)

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