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Hello all,

Many would argue that paper decor has no place in wedding design.  I beg to differ.  Paper flowers have made its way to the forefront of striking decor for weddings serving as backdrops for the ceremony, head table, dessert table, and photobooths.  The use of paper lanterns have also made a comeback in the past year.  Brides and designers have used them in tents and outdoor weddings as accent/mood lighting and also to offer a fairy-tale feel.  Here are a few photos to inspire you! (more…)

Hello all,

More and more brides are requesting creative designs for their Sweetheart table.  What is a Sweetheart table one may ask?  It is the table that for only the Bride and Groom at the wedding reception.  Typically, it is accented with votive candles and the bride places her bouquet in the center and voila’!  Of late, my clients want more.  They are requesting lush floral tablescapes, custom chairs fit for a king and queen, and varying candle displays.   This certainly comes at a price, but I would agree that it is the focal point of the reception.  All eyes are on the bride and groom and their Sweetheart table.  (more…)

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We love the idea of using chalkboards to add detail to weddings and events.  It certainly adds a creative and elegant touch to the decor and theme.  Chalkboards can be used for just about anything.  Below we have shown them being used for the Dessert table, Game Display Signage, Photo Booth, Parking, Vows, and custom hand painted sign.   (more…)

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Flower Girls and Ring Bearers have the ability to steal the show and be the center of attention {after the Bride of course}.  These little guys and girls are dressed to the “T” and “primped and primed” to look the Bride and Groom on wedding day.   They can be your child, your family member, or friend.  You have selected them to participate in your big day.   Here are some of our favorite looks for them in 2013. (more…)

Hello all,

When it comes to making your wedding stand out and one for the memory books, the saying “It’s all in the Details” truly does apply.  Every wedding has the basic elements: Ceremony (more…)

Hello all… Today’s feature is on a very creative and fun vendor, Say Cheese! Paper Props (  This chic paper prop boutique creates props and banners to celebrate holidays, parties, baby showers, and weddings to name a few.  (more…)

Hello all,

Are you looking for a unique way to have your guests “Sign-In” when they attend your wedding?  If so, this post is for you.  Cottage Creek Arts is a wonderful vendor on Etsy who creates hand painted and custom made original wedding canvas and signs.  We love these wedding canvas designs.  You can customize your canvass with color selections and of course your name and wedding date. (more…)

Hello all… One might ask, “What is “Sweet Peas and Seashells“?  One of my lovely Brides introduced me to this vendor.  They are a vendor on Etsy and they sell the cutest items- from banners to favor tags.  All items are custom made. (more…)

Hello all…. Most Brides dream of walking down an aisle adorned with flowers to an altar decorated with tall floral centerpieces.  Simply – stunning…  The reality is (more…)

Good day to you… As I was searching the Internet for new, unique, and fabulous items, I came across a really cute memo board design.  AZ Creative Studio is a designer featured on who designs these fabulous boards.  They can be added to any wedding to (more…)

Hello to you… So, we are well into Fall with Halloween right around the corner.  The traditional colors for any Halloween decor are orange and black.  Orange pumpkins and black cats can be found in every store.  (more…)

Happy Friday to everyone!  Your wedding cake is one of the highlights of your wedding reception.  Your guests look forward to seeing you cut the cake and are even more excited to eat it!  Here is a different twist on how to display your wedding cake.  If you are a couture bride that likes everything unique and custom, then here is a display for you.  Instead of one large wedding cake, (more…)

Hello to you…We are all about planning fun and memorable weddings.  If you are going to have a Photo booth at your wedding, you must purchase a few props.  I came across a vendor who makes  mustache props – Whisker Works. These props are highly durable as they are made of plastic and can easily be cleaned with soap and water. (more…)

Hello everyone…. Adding details to a wedding or event is what sets it apart and makes it special.  A really special detail is signage.  I came across a vendor who creates  cottage vintage style signs – The Family Attic Shoppe.  This family run business has been making these signs for decades.  Each sign is (more…)

Hello all.  I hope that everyone is enjoying their weekend! In our blog entry entitled, “Boutonniere with a Twist”, we discussed selecting a slightly different boutonniere for each (more…)

Good day to you… So what do you think of Moss?  Can it be incorporated into the design details of a wedding?  Most certainly!  Moss can be used to enhance your Shabby Chic, French Country, Vintage, Rustic, and Vineyard themed weddings.  (more…)

Hello all…. So you know that we are all about featuring and introducing  new, different, and unique ideas to our friends, fans, and clients.

 Let us introduce Boudoir photography.  This type of photography style is more intimate than others.  We have a local vendor in Southern Maryland that offers this type of photography – Flirt Boudoir is a division of Robin Owen Photography, a full service photography studio, (more…)

Hello all.. The smart and economical way to dress your tables is to rent the linens.  If you want to add some pizazz to the table decor, consider buying a few table runners.  The runners can accent tables throughout the reception area and/or be used on the satellite tables (Gift, Sign-in, Cake, etc.)  You would only need to buy a few of these to add to the overall design theme. (more…)

Hello all…

Cake lollipops are a new trend in desserts for your wedding.  They are small bites of cake on a stick covered with icing or chocolate.  (more…)

Happy Monday! The Ring Bearer is a cute little guy between the ages of four to seven who carries the wedding ring(s) in the processional.  The pillow is normally white and the rings are metal or foil copies.  The Best Man and Maid of Honor hold the real rings.  With that, why not add some pizzazz or an unique touch to what the Ring Bearer carries?   (more…)

Hell everyone…. So we all know the purpose of a Table Card – it identifies your table.  Your guests will have the table name or number on their escort card and be able to locate their designated table by way of the Table Card.  In the past, using a number to identify the table was popular.  (more…)

Hello everyone… Oftentimes wedding design concepts are centered around the reception.  Understandably so, as your guests spend most of their time at the reception.  This blog entry, however, is dedicated to the ceremony decor.  The ceremony is the most important part of your wedding.  This is the part of your day when you seal your sacred vow with your loved one and unite in holy matrimony.  If your ceremony is held in a church, there may not be much need for elaborate decor as many churches are beautifully adorned already.  (more…)

Hello everyone.  What a beautiful weekend.  Hot, hot, hot… I love spring and summer weather! I came across a vendor with an interesting concept – flowerless bouquet?  Emplume is a creative company that offers arrangements of ” high quality feathers, preserved floral, luxurious ribbon and a bit of sparkle into the most fabulous of bouquets”!  They (more…)

Good day to you…. :o)

I would like to introduce you to two companies that design and sell “high quality and unique” wedding card boxes.  This is a sure way to add another unique and special element (more…)

Hello all… So I have to admit that I didn’t watch the Sex and the City TV series.  However, (more…)

Hello there…When it comes to boutonnieres for the Groomsmen, automatically, the thought is to give them all the same boutonniere design and just make the Groom’s boutonniere larger.  If you are up for something different, why not make each boutonniere a bit different?  Just make sure that the flowers in each boutonniere ties into the Bridesmaids flowers to keep the design (more…)

Hello everyone.  What a beautiful day.  The sun was shining and no snow in sight! Yey!!!  Sooo…. A trend that has been quite popular for a while is the “Signature Drink”.  Couples are offering a special cocktail during the Cocktail Hour and throughout the Reception in addition to their bar service or solely as the drink of choice for the evening.  (more…)

Hello all…. So have you been thinking about your wedding day transportation? Do you prefer a  limo sedan or a horse drawn carriage? Are you a Rolls Royce girl or a Jaguar girl? (more…)

Hello all… So I am all for something different and unique.  I am so not a fan of the typical “Sign-In” book at a reception venue.  What do you really use it for?  Do people really sign them?  (more…)

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