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Hello all,

A really big trend in the floral industry are the creation of floral table runners and swags.  One might ask, “What is that?”.  It is a long table runner created out of flowers, fillers and greenery.  Most floral table runners area accented with tall candles and glass vases to add height to the design.  Although this look can be quite costly with a design full of flowers, we love to see it on the Sweetheart table and/or a few select special tables.  (more…)

Hello all,

It is still a bit chilly on the east coast, but we are super excited because,”Spring is in the air”!  The sun is out and the flowers are beginning to blossom.  Mother Nature has such a beautiful color palette of flowers. For the spring/summer brides, you will surely not have problem finding the perfect flower to go with any color combination that you select for your wedding.  Below are a few of our favorite spring colors.  (more…)

Hello all,

The shape and style of a bridal bouquet plays an important role in the overall bridal look.  A round, hand-tied bouquet has been the most popular bouquet style/shape for years.  This bouquet compliments all bridal shapes and sizes while also blending beautifully with a modern, chic, and elegant wedding.  We are seeing more and more brides request a fluid and flowy bouquet.  This bouquet type is very romantic and gives a garden feel.  You will see more greenery and elements with texture in these designs.  With that, it tends to compliment a garden, outdoor, and rustic type of wedding theme.  Here are a few photos below to display the different designs. (more…)

Hello all,

One of the most popular flowers for weddings is the Calla Lily. This flower projects a feel of grace and beauty with a long head and slightly curved tip.  This flower can be displayed simply in a bundle tied with a ribbon or weaved between other flowers to create a magnificent display.  Either way, it is a show stopper.   (more…)

Hello all,

As you pull together your bridal look for your big day, pay close attention to your bridal bouquet.  It will be your main accessory throughout your big day. (more…)

Hello all,

Cascading bouquets were very popular in the 70’s and 80’s.   The trend was a bouquet design that was free flowing with minimal structure.  The wedding bouquet that Princess Diana carried on her wedding solidified the trend.  The current trend is a more structured hand tied bouquet that is tight and neat.  Why not reach back into past years and combine (more…)

Hello all,

Our new favorite design element for floral designs are “Succulents”.  Wikipedia defines a succulent as “Succulent plants, also known as succulents or fat plants, are (more…)

Hello all… Welcome to our new blog!  We have been hard at work, organizing the new site.  Check back with us from time to time.  We will be adding more business banners to the right for you to visit their sites.  We will also be changing our slideshow to feature various items that we love as well as fantastic weddings and events.   We hope you like it!

Down to business… We would like to introduce you to the Fiddle-head Fern.  (more…)

Hello all.. Brides are always looking for ways to make their wedding day fun and unique.  They want to inject that different design aspect to their decor.  One table design that is becoming very popular is using long table arrangements in the reception table design instead of all 5′ or 6′ round tables.  Using this type of table allows you to do different things with your tablescape.  (more…)

Hello all… Happy Friday!  We recently planned a wedding with a peacock theme.  The color scheme was teal and purple with dark accents.  One of the main flowers in the bouquet design was the “Anemone”.  This flower comes in many different colors, but the center is mainly dark.  (more…)

Hello all…. Most Brides dream of walking down an aisle adorned with flowers to an altar decorated with tall floral centerpieces.  Simply – stunning…  The reality is (more…)

Hello to you all!  One of the most popular flowers that is selected for weddings is the “Peony”.  Peonies are beautiful, full, delicate flowers that come in many different colors.  (more…)

Hello to everyone!!!  Last year, the popular phrase that a lot of Brides used was “Wow Factor”.  Our clients would say, “I want to have the wow factor at my wedding with lots of  glitz and glamor.”   (more…)

Hello all…  What inspires you? The design of an object is inspired by something – color, shadows, texture.  How about shapes?  Today’s flower inspiration will take the form of a round object – a circle.  (more…)

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