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Hello all,

With Engagement Season coming to a close, many of you are on to the next step- planning your dream wedding!  With that comes a rush of excitement and also a feeling of being overwhelmed.  You are scouring the Internet and attending local bridal shows looking for the latest trends, ideas, and deals.  Many of you begin to ponder “Do I need a Wedding Planner”?

Here are the top reasons that we hear“Why Brides can’t hire a Wedding Planner.” (more…)

Hello all,

As we assist our clients in planning their wedding, they always ask about “Save the Date” Cards.  “Save the Date” cards are informal announcements that are sent out 9-12 months before your wedding date.  The purpose of sending them so early is to allow your guests to mark your wedding date on their calendar and begin to make necessary travel arrangements.  Destination weddings and weddings that fall around a major holiday are definitely good candidates for sending “Save the Date” cards.   (more…)

Hello all…  Place Cards and Escort Cards are two items used at a reception.  Oftentimes, brides and grooms use them interchangeably and refer to them as the same thing.  Well, they aren’t.  (more…)

Hello to you all…  As you prepare and plan for your wedding, there are so many traditional acts that take place during a wedding ceremony and reception.  Two such acts that we, wedding planners, get questioned on all the time is the Garter & Bouquet Toss.  Many Brides want to know if it is necessary.  (more…)

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