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Hello all,

So today’s blog post is dedicated to beauty.  On your wedding day, you should look and feel special.  Take the time to work with your stylist on different looks for your wedding day.  Definitely show photos of your dress.  An up-do compliments a higher neckline such as a halter dress.  Any style works with a strapless gown, but you must factor in your jewelry.  You see!  There are many things to consider when deciding on your perfect wedding day hairstyle.  Here are a few photos to get you started: (more…)

Hello all,

We are so inspired by anything unique and different.  While shopping for wedding dresses, brides always search for that dress with a WOW factor and one that flatters them the most.  The next step is to accessorize with jewels and shows.  How about adding a cape or bolero? This can be an easy and cost effective way of creating 2 different looks for your wedding day without having to purchase two completely different dresses.  You can wear the cape or bolero during the ceremony and take it off for the reception.    Check out the creative designs of the cape/bolero below. The designs ranges from sheer overlays to ornate jewelry.  I am in love with them all! :o) (more…)

Hello all,

We are so thrilled to see the new designs on the scene for bridesmaids dresses this year.  Lace has made a major comeback!  Once thought of a dainty and boring fabric type, we say no more!  The lace designs are certainly elegant, but have more of an edge and modern feel to them.  We have displayed a few designs from major designer below for your viewing. Enjoy!!!!  (more…)


Happy Monday! Last week we shared our love of the evolution of wedding dress design as they focus on the beauty of the dress from all angles, especially the back.  To continue with our love of all things different and unique, we would like to share Vera Wang’s Fall 2014 Collection of Pink wedding dresses.  The designs (more…)

Hello all,

New York’s Fashion Week revealed new lines of the dramatic, daring, and beautiful wedding dress designs.  This inspired us to focus on one part of the wedding dress – the back of it!  Designers are showing us that the back of a wedding dress can be just as, if not more, stunning than the front of the dress.  (more…)

Hello all,

We love to provide our brides with inspiration to give them ideas on different aspects of their wedding day.  As we all know, one of the most important decisions you will make for your Wedding  is the design and style of your  (more…)

Hello all,

Ladies, when you get dressed to go out with your honey bunch for a nice dinner and dancing, what do you do?  That’s right! – You get dressed up and make sure that your look is beautiful and sexy, all with a little spunk and pizzazz.    So if you make sure you are looking super cute for date night, be sure to look over the top and insanely beautiful for your wedding day!  Accessories can (more…)

Hello all,

Flower Girls and Ring Bearers have the ability to steal the show and be the center of attention {after the Bride of course}.  These little guys and girls are dressed to the “T” and “primped and primed” to look the Bride and Groom on wedding day.   They can be your child, your family member, or friend.  You have selected them to participate in your big day.   Here are some of our favorite looks for them in 2013. (more…)

Hello all,

To have the complete look of a beautiful bride on your wedding day, you must hire a professional makeup artist to apply your makeup.  There are so many beautiful eye shadows and lip colors to accent you on your big day and make you have that glowing effect.  Whether you decide to go with a red lip and smokey eye, an all neutral palette, or bold dramatic eyes and neutral lips, don’t be afraid to be (more…)

Hello all,

We are so thrilled about the resurgence of a “Lace” wedding dress.   The trend in the past few years have been a more simple, modern, and chic feel for the wedding dress design.  This trend hasn’t included lace dresses.  New designs featuring lace have (more…)


Many fashion designers are coming up with new designs for blushing brides.  One trend that has held on for quite some time is the “Strapless” wedding gown.  It is seen as an elegant and modern look for a bride (more…)

Hello all…

I hope this Friday finds you happy and joyful! So a new trend with hairstyles for your big day is an elegant braid.  Braiding can be incorporated (more…)

Hello all,

I must say that I have become a “Pinterest-aholic”.  I am so a visual person.  So, to be able to create boards filled with pictures of styles, products, ideas that represent you is exciting.  I was “pinning” pictures to my “Board” called “Bridesmaids Styles” and realized just how much I love the (more…)

Hello all….We love all things unique and different.  So we love the idea of mismatched dresses for your bridesmaids.  This adds a unique touch to the look of your wedding.  Now there are a few rules involved in selecting the different dress designs:

Rule #1:  The dresses should all be the same length.  If they aren’t the same the length, the overall look would be distracting.  You want the look to flow.  So, either go with all short, tea-length, or long. (more…)

Hello all… So I came across a new vendor that I love – Tessa Kim {}.  Tessa Kim makes “bridal veils and accessories for the modern bride yet with a vintage twist.”{}  We love all designs that are bold and makes a statement.  (more…)

Hello all…  Above planning a beautiful and enjoyable wedding, all brides want to look their very best on their wedding day.  The bride is the center of attention.  She should look as though she just stepped off the red carpet as a celebrity.  On the actual red carpet some celebrities are over the top and very bold.  However, most (more…)

Hello all… We love new, fresh, and unexpected designs.  J.Crew’s Wedding Line has captured our attention.  Their new line of dresses for the bride and bridesmaids are spectacular.  Whether it (more…)

Hello all!  I am sure you have heard the phrase, “Less is More”. It means that sometimes, the most simple design, concept, or element can create a significant impact.  I came across this designer on Etsy – Fascinating Creations and fell in love with their design style.   This designer offers a variety of unique items.  I fell in love with her veils.  (more…)

Hello all…. Wedding dresses that mirror ballroom gowns are not for everyone.  Many Brides are now searching for that perfect dress that is simple, but still has that “WOW” factor.  Alfred Angelo has produced a new line of dresses with several designs that are elegant and sleek.  (more…)

Hello all…  The wedding industry is responding in different ways to the economic hardships that many are facing.  Above all else, Brides still want to have a fabulous wedding.  One such trend that is taking hold is the “Affordable Designer Wedding Dress”.  (more…)

Hello all!  Just yesterday, we were introduced to a new and fabulous Bridal Fashion Designer – Chaviano Bridal Couture.  Annette Roxie is the owner of this amazing boutique based in Atlanta, GA.  Not only does she have spectacular designs, (more…)

Hello everyone!  We are always in favor of ways to make weddings unique.  One way to add that unique touch is in the dresses for your Bridesmaids.  A “Convertible Bridesmaid Dress” is a fairly new concept.    This design is a jersey knit dress, normally one size fits all, with lengthy fabric at the top of dress.  (more…)

Hello all…. Here is a blog for the ladies!  As you know from watching each new wedding show, the trend is to have two dresses for your big day.  Your beautiful and glamorous wedding gown will be what you wear to the ceremony and the first part of the reception.  When it is time to let your hair down and enjoy the reception, you can slip into your “Little White Dress”.  (more…)

Groom Love…

Hello to you…. I have to admit, we are partial to our Brides… Let’s face it Brides rule the world. lol  We do have to show our Grooms love as well.  So this blog is dedicated to the men out there looking for style ideas for their big day.  (more…)

Hello everyone!  I hope you had a fun and Happy Halloween!  After they find the “perfect dress”, most Brides go in search of the “perfect shoe”.  The shoe must be stylish, comfortable, and most importantly it must compliment the dress. (more…)

Hello all… Here are some fabulous styles and looks for your hair on your special day.  Whether it is pinned in an up-do or (more…)

Hello all… Who is the most sophisticated lady at the wedding? She is elegant.  She is poised. She is proud.  She is the Mother of the Bride.  Dress designs have grown as there are many selections for the Mother of the Bride nowadays.  (more…)

Hello to all…. So the ceremony has ended and you have married your Prince Charming.  You are sitting at the reception having the best time of your life and you need to freshen up your make up.  Did you think of purchasing a Bridal Clutch in which to carry those items to keep you looking fabulous throughout the night?  (more…)

Happy Monday!  I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful weekend!  Many Brides put a lot of thought into the selection of their wedding dress.  Oftentimes, their make up is an afterthought.  To WOW the socks off your Groom and all your guests, you need to consider all aspects of your wedding look. This includes make up.  (more…)

Hello all… One of the more stressful moments in planning your wedding will/may be selecting the dresses for your Bridesmaids to wear.  If you have several Bridesmaids in your wedding party, you are surely dealing with many personalities.  From the Bridesmaid’s perspective, here are a few things that are important to her when it comes to the Bridesmaid’s dress. (more…)

Hello everyone….Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the prettiest of them all?  On your wedding day, you want to be the prettiest of them all!  Adding special touches will help you to create that magical look.  If you are not a fan of birdcage veils and jewelry for the hair, how about a  head band?  Fern & Flora designs beautiful headbands. (more…)

Hello everyone.  Many Brides and Grooms are foregoing the traditional tuxedo as the attire for their guys and opting for nice suits.  They are requesting that their Groomsmen wear/buy charcoal grey, black, navy or tan suits.  This is oftentimes more logical for the Groomsmen as they will surely need to own a nice suit for future events in their lives.  (more…)

Hello everyone!  What a beautiful day outside!  No rain in sight and the sun is shining.  Let’s get down to business. :o)  White House | Black Market, is a fabulous boutique that mainly sells white and black clothing.  It is upscale (more…)

Hello all… So I have to admit that I didn’t watch the Sex and the City TV series.  However, (more…)

Hello all… Who knew that J.Crew would be such a wonderful place to shop for your wedding attire?  They have a whole line of wedding dresses for the bride, bridesmaids, and flower girls.  You can shop online or view the “Weddings & Parties Collection” in select stores.  (more…)

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