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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Hello all,

The color pink has been one of the most popular wedding colors for years.  Although brides are going for more daring color combinations, “Pink” is still a crowd favorite.  Pink comes in  many shades.  Here are three basic shades of pink:  Light pink “aka Blush”, True Pink, and Hot pink “aka Raspberry”.  Each shade displays beauty and elegance.   (more…)

Hello all,

More and more brides are requesting creative designs for their Sweetheart table.  What is a Sweetheart table one may ask?  It is the table that for only the Bride and Groom at the wedding reception.  Typically, it is accented with votive candles and the bride places her bouquet in the center and voila’!  Of late, my clients want more.  They are requesting lush floral tablescapes, custom chairs fit for a king and queen, and varying candle displays.   This certainly comes at a price, but I would agree that it is the focal point of the reception.  All eyes are on the bride and groom and their Sweetheart table.  (more…)

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