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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Hello all…  The wedding industry is responding in different ways to the economic hardships that many are facing.  Above all else, Brides still want to have a fabulous wedding.  One such trend that is taking hold is the “Affordable Designer Wedding Dress”.  (more…)

Hello all…. Most Brides dream of walking down an aisle adorned with flowers to an altar decorated with tall floral centerpieces.  Simply – stunning…  The reality is (more…)

Bridal Show

Hello all…. With Bridal Planning in full swing for newly engaged brides, there are many bridal shows planned during the first part of the year.  TreBella Events has designed  (more…)

Hello all… I came across two colors not often seen as a color combination for weddings – royal blue and green.  These two colors are so striking when paired together.  They can be played up to a beachy/preppy look or (more…)

Hello all.  Here is another of our fabulous couples getting married this year. Megan and John were supposed to have a double-date kinda thing with Megan’s sister and her husband, since John used to work with Megan’s brother- in- law on the same shift.  However, John and Megan actually met (more…)

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