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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Happy Holidays!


Hello everyone!  We are always in favor of ways to make weddings unique.  One way to add that unique touch is in the dresses for your Bridesmaids.  A “Convertible Bridesmaid Dress” is a fairly new concept.    This design is a jersey knit dress, normally one size fits all, with lengthy fabric at the top of dress.  (more…)

Haute Venue..

Hello everyone…. I know you are totally engulfed in planning and shopping for Christmas.  We must not forget planning for the most important day of your life! {smile}  I would like to introduce you to a super “haute” venue in Raleigh, NC.  If you are up for a destination wedding within the mainland of the US that won’t break the bank, why not consider traveling a few hours south and enjoying your day in a totally new town?  (more…)

Hello all…. Here is a blog for the ladies!  As you know from watching each new wedding show, the trend is to have two dresses for your big day.  Your beautiful and glamorous wedding gown will be what you wear to the ceremony and the first part of the reception.  When it is time to let your hair down and enjoy the reception, you can slip into your “Little White Dress”.  (more…)

Groom Love…

Hello to you…. I have to admit, we are partial to our Brides… Let’s face it Brides rule the world. lol  We do have to show our Grooms love as well.  So this blog is dedicated to the men out there looking for style ideas for their big day.  (more…)

Hello everyone! So cupcakes have been the hottest trend for a while now.  You can give them as favors.  Make dessert bars full of different cupcakes.  Or even have them to replace your wedding cake.   Here is another unique idea to give as wedding favors and/or add to your delicious dessert bar -whoopie pies! (more…)

Hello all….  The holidays are here!  Imagine hosting your wedding on Thanksgiving weekend while all of your family and friends are in town to celebrate the holiday.  That is what this lovely couple did.  Shanee and Tarek planned a lovely wedding in Southern Maryland, a central location for all of their family and friends.  (more…)

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