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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Good day to you… As I was searching the Internet for new, unique, and fabulous items, I came across a really cute memo board design.  AZ Creative Studio is a designer featured on who designs these fabulous boards.  They can be added to any wedding to (more…)

Hello all… Here are some fabulous styles and looks for your hair on your special day.  Whether it is pinned in an up-do or (more…)

Hello to you… So, we are well into Fall with Halloween right around the corner.  The traditional colors for any Halloween decor are orange and black.  Orange pumpkins and black cats can be found in every store.  (more…)

Hello all… Who is the most sophisticated lady at the wedding? She is elegant.  She is poised. She is proud.  She is the Mother of the Bride.  Dress designs have grown as there are many selections for the Mother of the Bride nowadays.  (more…)

Hello all and Happy Friday!  My gift to you this week is an inspiration to love.  Two colors that compliment each other effortlessly in nature’s surrounding, (more…)

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