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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Hello all…

Cake lollipops are a new trend in desserts for your wedding.  They are small bites of cake on a stick covered with icing or chocolate.  (more…)

Happy Monday! The Ring Bearer is a cute little guy between the ages of four to seven who carries the wedding ring(s) in the processional.  The pillow is normally white and the rings are metal or foil copies.  The Best Man and Maid of Honor hold the real rings.  With that, why not add some pizzazz or an unique touch to what the Ring Bearer carries?   (more…)

Hello everyone… We are so excited to spotlight – Allison Barnhill Designs! (more…)

Hell everyone…. So we all know the purpose of a Table Card – it identifies your table.  Your guests will have the table name or number on their escort card and be able to locate their designated table by way of the Table Card.  In the past, using a number to identify the table was popular.  (more…)

Hello everyone… Oftentimes wedding design concepts are centered around the reception.  Understandably so, as your guests spend most of their time at the reception.  This blog entry, however, is dedicated to the ceremony decor.  The ceremony is the most important part of your wedding.  This is the part of your day when you seal your sacred vow with your loved one and unite in holy matrimony.  If your ceremony is held in a church, there may not be much need for elaborate decor as many churches are beautifully adorned already.  (more…)

Hello everyone.  What a beautiful weekend.  Hot, hot, hot… I love spring and summer weather! I came across a vendor with an interesting concept – flowerless bouquet?  Emplume is a creative company that offers arrangements of ” high quality feathers, preserved floral, luxurious ribbon and a bit of sparkle into the most fabulous of bouquets”!  They (more…)

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