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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Hello all…  What inspires you? The design of an object is inspired by something – color, shadows, texture.  How about shapes?  Today’s flower inspiration will take the form of a round object – a circle.  (more…)

Good day to you…. :o)

I would like to introduce you to two companies that design and sell “high quality and unique” wedding card boxes.  This is a sure way to add another unique and special element (more…)

Hello, hello, hello… The topic of the day is ” THE CUPCAKE”.  Cupcakes can have many uses at a wedding reception or party:

  1. Instead of a wedding cake, (more…)

Hello everyone!  What a beautiful day outside!  No rain in sight and the sun is shining.  Let’s get down to business. :o)  White House | Black Market, is a fabulous boutique that mainly sells white and black clothing.  It is upscale (more…)

Hello all… So I have to admit that I didn’t watch the Sex and the City TV series.  However, (more…)

Hello there…When it comes to boutonnieres for the Groomsmen, automatically, the thought is to give them all the same boutonniere design and just make the Groom’s boutonniere larger.  If you are up for something different, why not make each boutonniere a bit different?  Just make sure that the flowers in each boutonniere ties into the Bridesmaids flowers to keep the design (more…)

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